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Speaking of replica handbags, how many girls are hoping to find their own wild paragraph bag, especially immediately to the hot summer, with clothes has no meaning, after all, one can get all dress outfit. But it is this time, the choice of a bag with the most critical effort, you picked the right is the fashion icon, you’re wearing the wrong suit is imitation goods LOOK, accidentally became Taobao explosion models buyers show, how can you willing to do? So today I come to you with a street shooting star bag Cheats, let you easily become street shooting icon, fashion, clothing edit …… Check it out!

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Cheats 1 star: election of candy colors

Hope in the hot summer months gives a good impression right away, it must be refreshing colors it! Choose candy color bag with light-colored clothes, never let you give people a kind of “gentle breeze” refreshing feeling, and then go to this year’s fashion color macarons color on you, you can say that the summer of 2016 the most not to be missed is the candy-colored bags! Like Zhang Xin Yi on the map, like, choose your favorite candy color replica handbags uk to cool with it!

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Stars 2 Cheats: classic black wrong

If you think some of your own more professionally, or is required at formal occasions with a more capable yourself, candy color may be too naive, then choose a black bag can be friends! Black bag for your clothing with absolutely no requirements Oh, whether to attend the meeting or dating, and her boyfriend, and also, or girlfriends shopping, a black cheap replica handbags definitely help you seamlessly for all occasions, is simply lazy people must-have item!

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Stars 3 Cheats: forever wild single product white girl

If you want to render a sense of the girl, then a white bag more suitable for fresh and elegant you Oh! And candy colors are different, white replica handbags uk sale can add a touch of elegance and quiet of your girls a sense, absolutely next door sister standard bags. And there are also white bag black bag wild property, with what kind of clothes are wrong option. Want hot summer tranquil style, white bag is definitely for you, oh gentle cool ~

Big fashion names replica package 16 models handed down (under)

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NO.9 LV Damier
This is earlier than monogram classic best-selling series, the past few years has been very little new models come out. Because this replica handbags design is more neutral and therefore particularly popular with men, men choose LV is preferred.

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NO.10 LV Monogram Speedy
Called LV’s best-selling star product speedy, in fact, it was the special requirements of the customer and build. The guest is none other than the film “Roman Holiday” carrying away a LV suitcase Audrey – Hepburn, because she wants to have a relatively small soft bag can carry, so the LV for her specially designed lightweight speedy. speedy is the most powerful, both stiffness can be folded flat for easy storage journey.

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NO.11 Celine Boogie Bag
2002 CELINE debut lamb made Boogie Bag, its smooth lines, moderate size, fine materials, and soon swept the world, has become one of the brand’s ultimate essential goods. Madonna, Gwyneth Ge – School Teluo, Sarah – Jessica – Parker are loyal supporters of this cheap replica handbags.


NO.12 Coach signature Buckle Demi
Coach most signs buckle bag series, front buckle style, in fact, open bags suck buckle switch, designed to be very easy to smart, strong sense of brand classic fashions.

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NO.13 Coach signature C logo
Commonly known as doctor bag / bags classic style, the series debuted in 2001, with a series of colorful SignatureC with silk fabrics, deep tube design and original accessories such as Soho elements, highlighting the great Manhattan-style personal taste. Inside zipper sandwich, tissue paper, sandwich and sandwich available for mobile phones, capacity and size are very suitable female office workers. Four clinch bottom replica handbags uk sale, anti-dirty action, is a very thoughtful design.

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NO.14 Dior Lady Dior
LadyDior (Diana package), and Diana has a special section of the legend. Dior sponsored Cezanne exhibition at the Grand Palais exhibition, opening ceremony, Mrs. Chirac presented to Princess Diana Dior new package. Dior immediately this has not yet named the new package, dubbed Lady Dior’s elegant name, becoming one of the basic models Dior replica handbags purses now the main line of sales. Signature brand of metal impounded, unique quilted diamond lattice edge, high-quality small kid, and 95 fine processes make Lady Dior bag became legends in the world history of design.

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NO.15 Dior Saddle Bag
Published in 2000 Dior saddle bag is by far the most impressive of the classic package, into the cowboy style design 80s rock shiny, irregular peculiar shape, it became popular around the world focus. Today, it seems to have is Zhendian treasure Dior’s quarterly will introduce different patterns and styles.

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NO.16 Gucci Jackie O’bag
Gucci Jackie bag, Gucci is a very well-known representative of the style. This replica handbags uk since Jacqueline Kennedy’s favorite get famous models derived therefrom subsequently also designed a series of related models for GUCCI enduring classic style. Canvas jacquard double G pattern, high-quality leather and leather single Ningbu from a system, the central thin strap to getting rough, unique metal buckles at both ends, all designed to show this package special sense of fashion.


IT replica bag come to an end

Bags and shoes are two woman can become very crazy things. It is said that the average American women each year to purchase four bags. Especially in the years of the so-called “package” the most was a woman’s heart. The so-called “IT package” that is inevitable shorthand – an irresistible package. Those big-name fashion will launch a quarterly gorgeous and expensive IT package, let them quickly in the hands of the stars, such as Caesar and pepper, all boarded the fashion magazine. These labored on production and marketing of bags each with a unique name, such as the Fendi replica Baguette, Louis Vuitton’s Speedy, Chloe’s Paddington, Hermes Birkin …… the women like to discuss their pets, as these bags name out on the coffee table than circulation.

Recently, however, we continue to see the “IT package come to an end” argument in the international media and popular blog, which was once a huge market volume of gold and silver medals, is a bubble?

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Expensive but not noble

Luxury and art market and macroeconomic trends solidarity. The vast majority of people in the industry blamed the lonely IT package macroeconomic downturn. “New York Times” called “woman’s enthusiasm for expensive and cheap replica handbags will continue to decline along with the downturn of the dollar.”

In fact, as early as 2004, there were analysts predict, IT package has passed the peak of the market, irrational consumption will gradually decline. 2007 sales figures, and 2004 is no longer the same breath, inventories began to increase. The price IT package, or the higher the more red, more and more designers with outrageous prices, challenging the consumer to accept the bottom line. “New York Times” joked, “Now the price tag IT packages, and ZIP easily confused.” For example, Louis Vuitton Patchwork Tribute bag of a minimum price of 45,000 dollars, is worth a Mini Cooper.

However, the downturn in the IT pack, it does not mean that the entire luxury market are lower. People are more inclined to buy more personalized, and not so much the price of foam products. For example, through the anti-fur movement in the 1990s, the fur market in 2008. With the development of new technologies will begin to recover, after all, there is no two exactly the same fur this world. Services tailored suits, gradually began to return, and even the development of a network of more accelerated the development of tailored suits, and customer-friendly online selection of fabrics, patterns and profile shape.

Fendi CEO Michael Burke of the incumbent in the expression “fur imminent return” trend when, said: “The whole fashion world is becoming more and more emphasis on personality .IT pack is dead.” After all, replica Fendi also in the IT package turned a profit day, now the face of non-stop segment of the market, “a bag of food in the world,” the time has gone. People can not stand to spend a great price, buy a almost a staff bag.

And more and more consumers are keenly aware that many of the bags are not from the French and Italian origin, Shadows “Made in China” has spread to the “package industry.” Even worse, the Asian emerging markets Eliminated piracy so costly IT package in the image, there is really cheap trend. Especially in dirty farmers market, see the hawker to bargain with the old lady, the hands of even carrying a Louis Vuitton Never Full time, no one will estimate this package name associated with the wealth and status.

Bag war is not over yet, comrade efforts will be necessary

Although IT package in the media and the industry there has been a downward curve noisy, can the four major Fashion Week, you can still see a lot of IT packages, such as Louis Vuitton bags with the artist Richard Prince collaboration, Marc Jacobs Duffy’s package are doomed become the topic of spring and summer 2008 package industry.

However, more can not be underestimated is that cheap but creative bag. For example, 2007 is certainly the most powerful bag of Anya Hindmarch “I’m not a Plastic Bag”, even after the ebay stir, did not exceed 300 dollars. With an average price of $ 1,000 compared to IT package, described as close to the people. Instead those IT packages are more and more fashion editors were attacked on aesthetics, such as Yves Saint Laurent’s replica Downtown package has even been criticized as “like a restaurant takeout box.”

With “fun, fun, weird, energetic” for the demands of LeSportsac stationed in China, quickly accumulated popularity. In 2008, LeSportsac more cooperation with Stella McCartney, launched less than 350 dollars a bag, will once again set off topic.

Of course, package and not die. Fashion blog Luxist said: “For the specialization of fashion people, made to be extremely beautiful replica handbags total audience for the public interest decrease IT package, you can put those shallow people eliminated..” As the market bag skim foam eleven.

Bag but also when the necklace? Prada replica is also brain-hole wide open

Women vigorous coming weeks, are now nearing the end. FASHION WEEK always not accidentally open the door to me to explore this new world, new, exciting, fashion, and even …… thriller. The small series took note of old luxury brand, PRADA replica show, in addition to the stars supermodel to attract a scene to help out, the new season is also designed from the conception.

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Before PRADA 2016 autumn and winter women’s show in Milan Fashion Week, unveiled the true capacity, that is, the brand launched the “herald” (Premonition) as the theme of a series of works to reaching the dream surreal collage fantasy fashion make a big show of the tour, the more people We look forward to the new appearance of a big show of works.

This season’s PRADA What are the highlights?

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Ms. PRADA is evaluated as a “tramp” one can travel around the world, or just immerse somewhere view. Anyway, this is the design inspiration for the new season of autumn and winter clothing PRADA. “We need to know who we really are,” she said by congestion, “Every thing every thing is like a sign of emotional stitching three groups: pleasure or pain, joy or frustration, I want to love or romance everybody get up in the morning, standing in front of the closet, she must choose that best suits your mood of the moment a short, a woman’s nature is complex and ineffable, like matryoshka as a wrapped in layers.

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She then stressed: “As they age, I feel more and more responsibility for heritage in himself.” Close observation, she will find a leather-bound book with gold stars and the moon-studded necklace and replica bag it What is it? Legendary woman with a lifetime of wisdom secret?

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Ms. PRADA often say, fashion inclusion and how far the ability and wisdom to beat a lot of other cultures. But this season, she taught us to take the most basic of what to wear that? Not more!

PRADA has consistently gorgeous Yong your temperament, this appears to be a big show on the extraordinary thing.

Super Model are the neck, is the bag?

Why it does seem to have the slightest sense of violation and?

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Yes, it really is the.

This season mini bags became a big star, so that replica handbags uk also have accessories function.

Or how to say, different from ordinary people have a genius of imagination.

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Here, we fall back into the symbolic realm. End of the day: a single season memorabilia collector works is always very attractive, and PRADA replica handbags Foundation in Milan, Miuccia is the weight of evidence in this area internationally. Like “tramp” the woman, she talked about at the beginning, Prada’s footsteps and continue to travel across many intersections in life. Maybe she is she?

The new Chanel replica chain belt bag gray calfskin Boy Chanel

New Boy Chanel replica handbag is at first sight. Inspired by hunters loaded ammunition pouches, while Chanel had memorized similar style handbag. Its charm unique style, with traditional feminine handbag different, it has just has soft design, bursting out with a unique neutral appeal. As Ms. Chanel said:. “At the right time doing the right thing” regardless of the shoulder or messenger, Boy Chanel boldly show its maverick side; the same time, it also inherited the essence of the brand.

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• Karl Lagerfeld for such “boy-style charm” made a new interpretation: “Ms. Chanel once male underwear Jersey knitted fabric design dresses that her boy-like attitude, in fact, it is the spirit of Chanel. Chanel affected by the impact of the love of her life and the boy’s Kabo With such an attitude; and this also happens to explain why this new handbag named boy Chanel “this has just has soft spirit is this. new Cheap Replica Handbags tone.

 Chanel replica handbag

Boy Chanel clean lines, low-key introverted, slightly boy temperament, can freely carry in two ways, full of personality and large round metal chain link convergence, exudes a sense of retro bronze metallic; suture car decorated with rectangular clamshell side, top side CHANEL replica handbags six letters float slightly convex; bag buckle design inspiration from structuralism inspired by both ancient gold and silver metallic color, double C Logo buckle latch is located at the middle of the package, causing legendary Chanel infinite desire.

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